Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many days should I run my kindle promotion?

A: We attempt to deliver all downloads within the first day of promotion. However we ask you do a 2 day promo, so we can fulfill our your package in its entirety, and because our service will bring you up on amazon’s top free books list, which will get you downloads above and beyond what you will be getting from this service.

One thing I would like to mention on this topic is, DO NOT under any circumstances let the promotion end on its own. You want to end your promotion manually within your kdp account on your second day of free when buyers are online (4pm-7pm EST)* Ending your promotion during these hours is the best way to get good results. (unless your book is permanently free, in which case you do not need to set a promotion date) This is extremely important.

If you want to do more than a 2 day promo, this can work well generally for books that are in a series, so you get maximum number of downloads. Your book may start losing rank towards the end of the promo but that is the tradeoff you are making to get more downloads. I would still suggest ending the promotion between 4pm-7pm Est on the last day of your promo.

Q: There is differing points of view on the price of the book, just prior to the free give away, what do you think?

A: Personally I would recommend a price between 2.99 and 4.99. If you want to price your book below 2.99, remember that your commission moves from 70%, down to 35%. This is a huge difference. Only price your book below 2.99 if you know what you are doing and have a good reason for doing so. (as an example you want to price your first book in your series cheaper, to get more readers). I have found you can lose out on sales if you price above 4.99, as anything above that seems a little high for a digital book. If you want to price your book higher than this, only do so if you know what you are doing. Q: What are some of the things I can do to prepare a book for a free promotion?

A: I recommend posting about your book on facebook and twitter before the promotion, and asking for some honest reviews. The worst thing for your book is having no reviews at all.

Doing a successful free promotion is not a band-aid fix for low quality books. If your twitter followers and facebook friends don’t like your book, how can you expect strangers to enjoy it? Usually you can get some great feedback, and maybe find some errors in your book that you may have missed yourself (if you don’t employ an editor). Your book’s cover is also an important factor since many people make a download/purchase decision based on mostly the design of the cover. If your cover looks cheap/outdated, the people looking to download/purchase your book will assume the content is the same. Covers can be tricky as people have different tastes, but check out top selling books in your category for ideas on how a cover should look. Make sure to choose proper categories for your book, this does not always mean the biggest categories. It is far better to be #1 in the Diabetic category than to be #56 in the Sugar free category. Remember most lists on Amazon only show up to 20 books so you can assume many people won’t browse past the first page. Set up an amazon author central account. This is a great way to fill out your books page and make it look much more legitimate. You can add information about the author, editorial reviews, etc. Last but not least is having a good description. One or two sentences is not gonna cut it. If your book is non-fiction, tell prospective buyers what they are going to learn, why your book has information that you cant find anywhere else, etc. For fiction books don’t give just a point by point description of plot, people are more likely to buy if your description is a teaser of the plot. Look up other fiction books in your category that sell well to get ideas here.

Q: What day is best to start my promotion?

A: We have not noticed a difference in any day of the week or weekend in regards to starting or ending a promotion. Some people have stated they have seen variances, but I have concluded those differences were based on quality of the factors listed before.

Q: How far in advance can we purchase a book before having our promotion begin?

A: We have no amount of time you have until beginning your promotion. We’ll be here waiting for you when you are ready.

Q: Just double checking we can use this with as many books as we want?

A: Yes, you can order as many packages as you want/need, but please remember, each package is only for one book promotion.

Q: Im a newbie. Can you tell me how we are making money by making our books free?

A: 1. Getting in the top twenty lists, and staying there after the promotional period When someone downloads your book (for free or paid), it moves up the charts. My book was #1 in the “Bilingual” section for a while, even though most people downloaded it for free. This meant a lot more people saw it, compared to when it was down in the depths of Amazon’s search listings. Amazon gives you a boost after your free promotion ends.

Being in the charts when it reverted back to a paid download meant more people saw it, and resulted in more sales.

2. Increased cross-promotion When people download your book, it starts appearing in the “People who bought this book also bought..” and “Recommended for you” sections, further increasing visibility. This is similar to eBay’s “We recommend..” “or Youtube’s “Recommended videos” cross-promotion: addictive, aren’t they?

3. Reviews bring more authenticity to your book More downloads = more people reading = more reviews. I still don’t have a ton of them, but a few stars next to your book makes a difference for fence-sitters.

Q: What are some niches you have noticed that perform well using your free promotions?

A: Nearly any niche that has any titles ranked below 5000 in the kindle store has huge potential, obviously something you are passionate about is best since the most care and love will go into your work. Romance is the top dog on Amazon though taking up 90% of the top 100 paid lists at any given time.

Q: What types of books does the free promotion work with?

A: We have seen huge successes in nearly every niche, as long as they have a decent reader base. This is completely based on the quality of your work and how the readers will react towards it. The single most important factor for the success of any book with any sized promotion is going to be the quality and general sentiment of the readers towards your book. Great quality books will see great results. Lower quality books may have trouble gaining the traction needed to propel their book sales. Personally we have seen great best results in romance books, but it is no secret that romance books make up many of the total sales on amazon.

Q: How much lead time do you need to run a promotion?

24-48H is enough lead time for us to run your promotion. You can email us using our contact page if you have any pre-purchase inquiries about timing and scheduling.

If you have more questions, please message us at one of the points of contact below:


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