We want to advertise YOUR kindle book!

One of the best ways to increase your readership numbers is by doing a free promotion. This sounds counterintuitive, but why does this work?

Let me tell you.

When you put your book on a free promotion, and you get a lot of downloads, your books rank will increase. More people can find you. When the promotion ends, this increase will leave a remaining effect, that boosts your sales. You will also get a huge number of new readers, that if they like your book, will go on to purchase your other books. This works especially well if you have a series!

This type of promotion is also effective for other books which are not in a series. If you launch a brand new book, and you are getting no sales, you might wonder why. When you do an effective promotion, your book will start showing up on top sellers lists, show up on “customers who viewed” lists, and also rank in your chosen subcategories. This is how new readers will find you. How else can you expect readers to find you if you don’t already have an established name?

We currently offer 2 packages, a starter “Gold ($189)” package, “Platinum ($299)” and our legendary "Executive ($379)" package. The gold package is for people who have just launched a book and want to start the process of generating a reader base. We recommend the platinum package if you already have some books out and want to bring your book to the next level. Executive is the higest package we offer and should only be used by those who have experience promoting their book on amazon and know how to We encourage you to read reviews from our customers to get an idea of what you can expect from our promos!

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