Reviews Of Our Service?

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I’ve purchased two packages now. I did the 10K one first.. I was blown away. I used it on a steamy romance book. I had book 2 in the series ready so I figured it would boost the sales of both. The first day it skyrocketed to the top of the charts. I was number 8 in ALL OF KINDLE and number 5 in ROMANCE. After the hits stopped it continued to climb from the momentum and I had over 16000 downloads by the end.

It propelled book two. So far sales on both are continuing, people have signed up for my mailing list and joined my FB page. I’m thrilled and have bought another package. I will be buying future packages as well. I could spend a heck of a lot more buying FB ads everyday.. but why?? To me this is smart, gets your book noticed immediately, gets you noticed as an author, and does everything you want your books to do.

I have recommended it to two friends so far who have both bought packages. I can’t wait to see their results. Don’t hesitate. Use this marketing, you won’t be sorry. I’m thrilled this is available to us!!!

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This service is a dream come true. I had a package of 5,000 downloads and it quickly launched my book to the top 100 free store where it eventually ended up at 15. For those who don’t know, once your book is in the top 100 free store, you really build a lot of momentum.I ended up with over 9,500 downloads in about a day and a half and my book quickly went to the top of its category after it went on sale. I’ve already earned over $300 in royalties in only 2 days of my book going back on sale making this well worth the investment.I will be recommending this to all of my kindle publishing students.

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I used this srvice few days ago, in Mystery and Thriller category.

I took the 10K package and got more than 13,000 downloads.

I was ranked #5 !! Thanks Thomas & Williams

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Hey Guys,I have used this service twice having bought the 10,000 free downloads and have hit the top 10 in the Top 100 Free for all of Kindle. I was also number one in numerous categories during the free promo.After the promo stopped both books stayed in the 2000′s in the paid category for Kindle and held the top 4 spot in their categories. I will be buying this service for every book I launch because my sales in the first few days paid for it easily.This was all without dealing with the hassles of FB groups, freebie sites or anything like that. I highly recommend using this service.

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In the middle of using this service for a free promotion for my horror novel.Currently 4,260 free downloads!

#23 in all Free Kindle Best Sellers

#6 in Free > Mystery, thriller & Suspense

#2 in Free > Literature & Fiction > HorrorWilliams and Thomas are totally professional in their delivery and communication. This has been by far the most successful promotion I have ever run. If you have a good book, then this service is the way to get it noticed.

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I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to purchase this service which has already had a HUGE impact on one of my books!I really do not know where to begin with Thomas and William. (1) The care and support they offer to their clients, is one of the best I have ever personally had the privilege to experience. (2) They check up on you before, during and after the campaign to ensure all questions are answered and that the service is going smoothly. (3) They over deliver in every aspect of this service (communication, support, amount of downloads, etc). I could go on…Many experienced Kindle authors/publishers would agree that this service has been the ‘missing link’ to BIG success on Kindle for quite some time. That is no exaggeration either. Unless you’ve got a solid marketing campaign in place that ensures you will get a “guaranteed” amount of free downloads, then you’re just simply hoping and praying you’ll get enough downloads so that amazon will take notice of you for every free promo you do.You and I both know you cannot build a business based on hopes and prayers alone, right? This is where Tom and William come into the equation.

Honestly, I would pay double for what they’re offering. It’s literally that good!

My results? – I received 4496 downloads when I only purchased the package for 2500 – which equaled to a #23 rank spot on the free Kindle store for a non-fiction book that is not all that popular compared to other categories. This very quickly lead to 24 sales @$9.99 whilst I was ASLEEP for goodness sake lol. I don’t know about you, but making $160+ while you’re sleeping is pretty good going.

This has literally been the single best investment I have made this year. Period. I genuinely feel Tom and William are going to make all the difference to my publishing business and the many books I plan on launching in the near future.

If you’re on the fence about investing in this service, then I cannot tell you how much you owe this to yourself and your business! Kiss goodbye to “hoping” for success, and actually go out and get it before this opportunity disappears.

P.S. Sorry if I have came across as “hyped up”, it’s just this service is literally that good! Give them the opportunity and they will over deliver WAY more than you expect. And just as a disclaimer, I am not an affiliate. I’m just a happy customer.

If you have any questions you would like to ask me about my experience with this service, then feel free to ask me or PM me!

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I’ll second what Ryan had mentioned above. I bought the 10K package based on Ryan’s recommendation, and ran the KDP promo on the 9th & 10th Oct. My non-fiction book hit the top #10 on the Free List within 24hrs.When I took it off the KDP free days on the 2nd day, it ranked between 1500 – 2000 in the paid Kindle Store. At the time of this writing, it is between 3000 – 4000.If you have a high quality book that is not selling well, I highly recommend this service. It will give your book the required boost!Thanks Thomas & William!

Best regards, Adrian

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I bought the guaranteed 10K downloads and here’s my experience with Thomas and William.Before going for their services, I was closely following Ryan Leonard’s book ‘A Sudden Engagement’ under penname of Helen Styles. He had mentioned 90 sales the first day. I saw that his book was at around 2000 paid salesrank the next day so it was the real deal which prompted me to buy the service.I put my book for free for 2 days based on their recommendation of 2 or 3 days. Till around 8 EST the first day, I hadn’t got many downloads. I checked at around 9 am, and WHAM, I had got 400 free downloads. The downloads continued through the day and by afternoon I had broken into the Top 100 Free list. More downloads followed and by evening my book touched #7 in the overall free list and #1 in multiple categories. And I had around 9K downloads.In 2 days I got a total of 12483 downloads (99% US readers). I also sent in a dozen questions through emails to these guys, and they always responded back within 5 minutes. They were making sure that everything was addressed.

I have put a tracking link on my book page so I can see from where readers are clicking to find my book page. Here’s the strange thing: the 10K visitors didn’t register at all. However, once I reached the top 20, I was getting crazy pageviews of 150 visits/hour and around 100 downloads.

I pulled the plug at 6pm on the second day. The first day it went paid I got 10 sales and the second day 4 sales. I would like to think that this is due to the type of my book rather than a reflection of their services. My book is not a commercial fiction that everyone will like.

So finally the question you may be asking:

1. Does this work?

Absolutely. Thomas & William delivered on their ‘guaranteed’ 10K downloads.

2. Is it a scam using automated scripts?

I don’t think so. One of my friends asked me if I was running a promo. He had seen my book available as free on one site. While the 10k visitors to my book page not registering on my tracking link is questionable, that could happen if they are being directed to the buy page directly.…0=BOOKASINHERE I also saw a WSO here where a desktop software can push your book details to readers. But I will leave it to T & W to clarify if they want to.

3. Will I go for their service again?

While I haven’t recovered my money (yet) I will still go ahead and try them on another book that I have that I feel has more mass appeal.

4. Will I recommend this to others?

Umm yes. But with the caveat that only the 10k is guaranteed. Like they say, the paid sales depends on your book. This method is better than others like FB ads, press releases and other stuff where you can’t measure the success. Here you will actually see how many downloads you got.

Overall, I have found Thomas & William to be professional, responsive & helpful.

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I’ve tried most of what’s out there to promote my romances, in my opinion this is the most effective method yet. Bookbub is probably great–if they accept you. Been turned down twice, so good luck with that. Are You Lonesome Tonight is one of a three book series, and it and the other two were languishing. I bought the $149 package as an experiment, and today is the second free day, 6,672 downloads, #23 free in Kindle store, #1, love and romance, #3, romantic comedy. But the great news is that the other two books have sold 46 copies in the last day, and moved up in ranking from the boonies to 21,000 paid and 8,883 paid. I just bought another package, and intend to keep doing so, watching my books move up the ranks and my sales increase. You’ve got to be nuts not to try this!

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Hi, All! I’ve read through all the comments and felt it was time I offered my experience with Thomas and William using their book download service.I had a new book begin its promo on October 15. I purchased the 10,000 unit from Thomas about a week in advance. Thomas communicated with me right from the start. I also did some promotion work, but felt relieved when I found Thomas and felt through our communication I could count on him.The morning started with a dud and I got concerned. Where are the downloads? Just a few were trickling in. Then I realized I was watching the “buys” column, not the Free Downloads column far to the right. (Shouldn’t admit that, should I?!!) When I did look at the correct column, we were over 4,000 downloads and the day was young. We were less than 50 in the Top 100 already!In 2 days I got 18,699 downloads and celebrated each new high ranking. Since then we’ve stayed in the top rankings, fluctuating with sales. We never got to #1 in our main category because I’m competing against Dr. Seuss and another big one. But we’ve stayed at #3 and #4. It’s a little early yet for holiday sales and we’re sure this is a winner for us. It’s also pushed another of our books’ sales up.

I am now preparing to order another gig with Thomas. When you can get this kind of continued bump (we’re now 10 days later) and continue to feel the results, why not? I’d much rather spend some money for guaranteed downloads than all the time I’ve been spending getting them myself. My time – a couple of hard weeks of marketing – aggravation and nerves are worth far more than the cost of the service. They obviously have the downloaders, just like Bookbub, and if you’re in a hot niche, Bookbub isn’t cheap either! And your book has to go through the approval process with Bookbub and compete for their downloads again TONS of other books.

The way I look at it, I have now found a way to let someone else do that piece of the marketing so I can write. I’ll keep ordering these gigs as long as they work for me! Thomas and William are great communicators and helpful all along the way! I highly recommend them and their service!

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I did the 5000 free promotion yesterday. It was absolutely fabulous watching the downloads roll in during the course of the day. Within 11 hours of the promo going live I’d had almost 4800 downloads and by the time I closed the offer down I was sitting just shy of 7000.

I achieved position 46 in the Free Kindle Store and top seller position in my chosen category. This morning the book is sitting in position 53 in the subcategory chosen in the Paid Store! I’d had reservations about doing the offer – mainly internet ones based on the doubt; is this for real. It is for real. This promotion works.

And for all you people out there like me who’ve spent a year or so writing a book, editing, designing and trying to get on top of the typos only to be rejected by agents, and then go down the road of self-publishing to see your hard work languishing UNNOTICED despite the hype of KDP, this promo offers gratification. I don’t really care if I recoup my expenditure – although 33 sales took place in the 12 hours since coming off the promo. I am just so glad that readers are now reading and I ‘hope’ word will spread, converting the success into books sold.Thank you.

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I bought this service two weeks ago, and have already completed my promotion. Tom and William are so easy to work with. I have to say I was a little skeptical at first, but I read the really good reviews (especially Ryan Leonard’s video review), so I gave it a shot. I did the 10,000 package but I actually got 14,359 downloads in the end. Just to give you guys an idea, I have already earned back what I spent on the package, and I am seeing a nice sales bump still. One of the best parts is I actually got 14 new reviews on my book which I am really ecstatic about!